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ChatGPT Authored Script Comes to Life in “The Last Screenwriter” by Swiss Director Peter Luisi

Short Summary:

Swiss director Peter Luisi's latest film, 'The Last Screenwriter,' explores the creative potential of AI in filmmaking. Fully scripted by ChatGPT, the feature is a profound industry experiment, set to premiere online after a summer festival debut.

In the realm of filmmaking, artificial intelligence has often been viewed with skepticism. However, Swiss filmmaker Peter Luisi is challenging this notion through his pioneering project, ‘The Last Screenwriter,’ a feature film scripted entirely by ChatGPT. As AI continues to spark debate within the industry, particularly following recent strikes by US actors and writers, Luisi’s film emerges as a significant exploration of AI's potential in creative processes.

Peter Luisi, known for his 2007 Oscar-entry film ‘Vitus’ and the record-breaking Swiss comedy ‘Bon Schuur Ticino,’ has ventured into uncharted territory by using ChatGPT to script a full-length feature. The process began with a simple prompt to the AI, evolving into a detailed screenplay that Luisi describes as “scarily good.” The film follows Jack, a distinguished screenwriter who grapples with the realization that AI could rival, even surpass, his storytelling abilities.

‘The Last Screenwriter’ was shot over January with a professional cast from the UK, highlighting the script’s unique origin. Despite AI’s role in writing, all other aspects of the film were managed by experienced professionals, underscoring the experimental nature of the project. Luisi emphasizes that his goal was not just to create a film written by AI but to push the boundaries of traditional filmmaking and prompt a broader discussion about AI's emerging role.

The project was funded partly by $745,000 from success-based Swiss funds, with Luisi contributing to a total budget of $850,000. This funding underscores the support for innovative projects within the Swiss film industry, even as it navigates new technological frontiers.

Luisi plans to release ‘The Last Screenwriter’ for free online post its festival run and will publish all materials related to the film’s creation on a dedicated website, offering an unprecedented look into the filmmaking process with AI. This openness is part of his commitment to demystifying AI’s capabilities and limitations in creative roles.

However, the film's path to audiences is not without challenges. Luisi notes difficulties in securing professional indemnity insurance, reflecting the industry's wariness about AI’s legal implications. Moreover, the reception from film festivals remains uncertain due to the controversial nature of using AI in such a central creative capacity.

Through ‘The Last Screenwriter,’ Peter Luisi not only tests the waters of AI-driven creativity but also invites the industry to reconsider the potential roles of AI in cinema. As AI’s capabilities continue to evolve, films like Luisi’s may become less of an anomaly and more of a new frontier in the art of storytelling.

Some prompts given to ChatGPT to generate The Last Screenwriter script

  • Write a plot to a film where a screenwriter realises he is less good than artificial intelligence
  • Generate 15 characters for the above mentioned movie idea with short personality description for each
  • Write a detailed character description and backstory to “Jack”
  • Write a detailed character description of “Jack’s Wife” and give her a name
  • Generate a possible step by step outline for the film The Last Screenwriter. It should be a 90-minute feature length film
  • You provided the following step outline for the story. Please expand on it and add more dramatic moments and surprising twists. It should be for a 90-minute feature film.
  • Please write a very detailed step outline for the following story synopsis. Please identify the genre and the tone, the target audience, the core concept, the theme and message. Please also identify the inciting incident, the first turning point, the rising action, the midpoint, the second turning point, the climax and the resolution. Please also integrate a subplot and identify the most important story arcs.
  • Give me 10 things Jack could have a deep conversation with the Al system that would make a good additional scene for the movie.
  • Please look at the step outline for the story The Last Screenwriter you created. But it needs more plot twists and surprising elements. Please come up with some.
  • Write a detailed scene for the following opening sequence of the film…
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