WTF Programme at Annecy 2024: 15 Shorts and 5 Features Challenge Norms

Short Summary:

Annecy 2024's Midnight Specials present the legendary WTF programme, featuring 15 short films and 5 feature films from 10 nationalities. These unique, wacky, and unexpected films promise shocks, surprises, and amazement. Highlighting topics like karma, society, and human nature, the selection includes notable works such as "Who Said Death Is Beautiful?" from Japan and "Pig That Survived Foot-and-Mouth Disease" from South Korea.

The Annecy International Animation Film Festival 2024 is set to showcase its highly anticipated Midnight Specials, featuring the legendary WTF programme. This section is renowned for its bold and irreverent content, offering audiences a selection of films that push boundaries and explore improbable scenarios.

This year’s WTF programme includes 15 short films and 5 feature films from various countries, promising to deliver a unique and unexpected viewing experience. Audiences can expect a mix of surprises, laughter, and amazement, with films tackling themes of karma, societal issues, and the human psyche.

Among the feature films, notable entries include "Who Said Death Is Beautiful?" directed by Nakajima Ryo from Japan, a provocative exploration of mortality produced by Supersub.LCC. South Korean director Bum-Wook Hur presents "Pig That Survived Foot-and-Mouth Disease," a daring film not recommended for viewers under 18. Canada's "Living the Dream" by Ben Meinhardt, and "Exorcism Chronicles" by Dong Chul Kim from South Korea, also promise to captivate audiences.

The short films in the WTF programme offer a diverse range of stories and styles. Highlights include "Our Love Is Immortal" by Turkish director Ender Yildizhan, depicting a dystopian future where a boy worries about his parents' relationship. "No Flies on Me" from Australia, directed by Lars Magnus Holmgren, explores the concept of Saṃsāra and human desire. "Jean-Mi, the Piles Boy" by France's Marcel Street presents a darkly humorous tale set in a local Asian restaurant.

The collaboration between Annecy and American animation studio Titmouse continues to thrive, with Titmouse sponsoring the WTF programme for the third year. Chris Prynoski, Co-Founder and President of Titmouse, expressed excitement about the partnership: "WTF is like a comforting family reunion where you find out all of your cartoon cousins are just as F'ed up as you are and you can't wait to see them again next year!"

The full lineup for the WTF programme includes:

  • Feature Films:
    1. Who Said Death Is Beautiful? / Nakajima Ryo / Japan
    2. Pig That Survived Foot-and-Mouth Disease / Bum-Wook Hur / South Korea
    3. (S)KiDS / Leslie Solis, Louis Solis / Canada
    4. Exorcism Chronicles / Dong Chul Kim / South Korea
    5. Spermageddon / Rasmus A. Sivertsen, Tommy Wirkola / Norway
  • Short Films:
    1. Our Love Is Immortal / Ender Yildizhan / Turkey
    2. Living the Dream / Ben Meinhardt / Canada
    3. No Flies on Me / Lars Magnus Holmgren / Australia
    4. Toothless / Enzo Gérard / France
    5. Larry / Takeshi Murata, Christopher Rutledge / USA
    6. Martyr’s Guidebook / Maks Rzontkowski / Poland
    7. Giovanna and the Big Peacock / Maria Zilli / Italy
    8. The Shortest Relationship in the World / Xiaoxuan Han / China
    9. Stuffed / Louise Labrousse / France
    10. Jean-Mi, the Piles Boy / Marcel Street / France
    11. Spooky Loops / Stas Santimov / Ukraine
    12. The Bleacher / Nicole Daddona, Adam Wilder / USA
    13. The Personal Issue / Mehdi Alibeygi / Iran
    14. What If It’s Not Good? / Haluk Mirac Aykin / Turkey
    15. Corn Man Origin Theory / Alexandre Louvenaz / France

Annecy's Midnight Specials continue to be a highlight of the festival, offering an unforgettable experience for those daring enough to delve into the WTF programme. Be prepared for an evening of films that challenge, entertain, and astonish.