IPF and Canada’s Northern Territories Unveil Training Program for Producers

Image: WFF
Image: WFF

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The Independent Production Fund (IPF) has launched the IPF Pre-Application Training Program for Northern Producers in partnership with Nunavut Film Development Corporation, Northwest Territories Film Commission, and Yukon Media Development. The program, facilitated by the Whistler Film Festival Society, offers northern producers and writers critical training and mentorship to enhance their funding application skills for fictional TV series.

The Independent Production Fund (IPF) announced today the launch of a new initiative, the IPF Pre-Application Training Program for Northern Producers. This program aims to equip producers and writers from Canada’s Northern Territories with the skills needed to create competitive funding applications for fictional TV series. This initiative marks the first joint partnership between the IPF, the Nunavut Film Development Corporation, the Northwest Territories Film Commission, and Yukon Media Development.

Facilitated by the Whistler Film Festival Society, this program will provide participants with essential training and mentorship. The goal is to improve the success rates of funding applications from northern producers. Whistler Film Festival, based in British Columbia, already manages 13 proven talent development programs across the country, adding credibility and experience to this new initiative.

The program will focus on several key areas to enhance the quality of applications. Participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of the necessary materials, connect with experienced story editors and development executives, and improve their knowledge of legal, budgetary, and scheduling requirements.

Jon Taylor, CEO of the IPF, expressed enthusiasm for the initiative, stating, “The IPF is extremely proud to launch this initiative in partnership with all three territorial governments. We believe this program will initiate breakthrough opportunities for creators from our incredible northern communities.”

Brendon Sawatzky from the Whistler Film Festival Society will serve as both facilitator and mentor. He will guide participants through workshops and provide customized mentorship from industry experts across Canada.

Huw Eirug, CEO of the Nunavut Film Development Corporation, commented, “This Training Program offers a great opportunity for Nunavummiut filmmakers to further develop their skills in creating successful funding applications.”

Camilla MacEachern, NWT Film Commissioner, added, “This new program will be a great opportunity for our talented producers in the north to connect and collaborate.”

Neil Macdonald, Manager of Media Development for the Government of Yukon, highlighted the program's importance, saying, “We are thrilled to be working with the IPF and our partners in Nunavut and the Northwest Territories on this valuable training opportunity.”

The application portal for the IPF Pre-Application Training Program for Northern Producers is now open at the Whistler Film Festival website.

About the IPF:

The Independent Production Fund (IPF) supports Canadian creators, writers, and producers by providing development and production financing for narrative television and short-form series. Since its inception, the IPF has invested over $90 million in more than 1,100 projects, including 123 Short Form Series Development projects, 179 Short Form Series Productions, 323 TV Productions, and over 550 Professional Development projects. Incorporated as a charitable foundation, the IPF has an endowment valued at approximately $40 million, using the interest generated by the endowment and returns on its project investments for annual operations and project funding.