Czech Republic’s Anifilm 2024: A Complete List of Winners

Short Summary:

Anifilm 2024 in the Czech Republic has concluded, awarding top honors to a range of animations, music videos, VR films, and games. The standout feature film for children, "Chicken for Linda!" by Chiara Malta and Sébastien Laudenbach, won Best Feature Film for Children. Other winners include "Zima" for Best Short Film and "The Eastern Rain" for Best Student Film. Czech Horizon Awards celebrated local talent, including "Tony, Shelly and the Magic Light" by Filip Pošivač.

Anifilm 2024, held in the Czech Republic, has wrapped up with a celebration of outstanding achievements in animation, music videos, VR films, and games. This year's festival showcased a diverse array of creative works from around the globe, with awards given to exceptional projects across multiple categories.

The jury for the International Competition of Feature Films, composed of Hugh Welchman (UK), Milorad Krstić (Slovenia), and Alena Vandasová (Czech Republic), awarded the Best Feature Film for Children to "Chicken for Linda!" (Linda Veut du Poulet!) by directors Chiara Malta and Sébastien Laudenbach. This French-Italian production impressed the jury with its exceptional script, original design, and relevant modern premise. The film's comedic and philosophical narrative explores urban consumerism and the disconnection from our food sources.

In the International Competition of Short Films, the jury comprising Mariam Kandelaki (Georgia), André Eckardt (Germany), and Emma De Swaef (Belgium) awarded "Zima" (Winter) by Tomek Popakul and Kasumi Ozeki from Poland. The film's artistic portrayal of a remote village and its impact on the characters left a lasting impression on the jury.

The International Competition of Student Films saw "The Eastern Rain" by Milly Yencken from Estonia taking the top prize. The jury praised this film for its visually stunning and emotionally deep animation, combining traditional techniques like painting on glass and drawing on paper.

In the Abstract and Non-Narrative Animation category, the Best Abstract Animation award went to "Crypto(Zoïque)" by Lorans Côme from France. This film explores planetary evolution using a blend of artistic techniques, creating a thought-provoking and immersive experience.

The Best Music Video was awarded to "Hilgeum: Illusion" directed by Jin Woo from the Republic of Korea. This video impressed the jury with its metaphysical and surrealist fusion of graphic arts, creating a unique visual and auditory experience.

The Best VR Film award went to "Emperor" by Marion Burger and Ilan Cohen from France and Germany. This interactive story delves into the mind of a man suffering from aphasia, offering a compelling exploration of mental health issues.

In the International Competition of Computer Games, "Dordogne" by Un Je Ne Sais Quoi and UMANIMATION won Best Visual Art for its beautiful watercolour visuals and poignant storytelling. The Best Game for Children award went to "Storyteller" by Daniel Benmergui, praised for its engaging and educational gameplay.

The Czech Horizon Awards recognized outstanding local talent. "Tony, Shelly and the Magic Light" by Filip Pošivač won both the Best Czech Creation and the Best Czech Short and Feature Film awards. This stop-motion film, rich in artistic style and thematic depth, has also earned accolades at Annecy IFF.

Other notable Czech winners include "Electra" by Daria Kashcheeva for Best Czech Student Film and "Veggierado" by Jan Bubeníček for Best Czech Series. "Prezident Lourajder: Lunapark" by Matej Mihályi was awarded Best Czech Music Video, while "The Rapid Arrows Celebrates 85 Years" by Marek Berger won Best Czech Commissioned Work.

Anifilm 2024 has successfully highlighted the creative excellence and innovation in the world of animation, with winners showcasing diverse storytelling techniques and artistic visions. The festival looks forward to continuing this tradition of celebrating animation in 2025.

Anifilm 2024 Winners

International Competition of Feature Films

Best Feature Film for Children

  • Chicken for Linda! (Linda Veut du Poulet!) / Chiara Malta, Sébastien Laudenbach / France, Italy / 2023 / 76 min

International Competition of Short Films

Best Short Film

  • Zima (Winter) / Tomek Popakul, Kasumi Ozeki / Poland / 2023 / 26 min

Special Mention

  • Wander to Wonder / Nina Gantz / Netherlands, Belgium, France / 2023 / 13 min 50 s

International Competition of Student Films

Best Student Film

  • The Eastern Rain / Milly Yencken / Estonia / 2023 / 9 min 7 s

Special Mention

  • Children of the Bird (A Madár Gyermekei) / Júlia Tudisco / Hungary / 2024 / 11 min 30 s

International Competition of Abstract and Non-Narrative Animation

Best Abstract and Non-Narrative Animation

  • Crypto(Zoïque) / Lorans Côme / France / 2023 / 9 min 36 s

Special Mention

  • Right in the Eyes of the Mirror (Les Yeux Fixes du Miroir) / Mélusine Peduzzi / France / 2023 / 8 min 40 s

International Competition of Music Videos

Best Music Video

  • Hilgeum: Illusion / Jin Woo / Republic of Korea / 2023 / 5 min 33 s

Special Mention

  • Vonfelt: Je Pars / Michelle Brand / Germany, France / 2023 / 3 min 40 s

International Competition of VR Films

Best VR Film

  • Emperor / Marion Burger, Ilan Cohen / France, Germany / 2023 / 40 min

International Competition of Computer Games

Best Visual Art

  • Dordogne / UN JE NE SAIS QUOI, UMANIMATION / 2023

Best Game for Children

  • Storyteller / Daniel Benmergui / 2023

Audience Award – Liberec Region Award

  • I Will Die in This House / Adriana Bendžalová / Czech Republic / 2023 / 7 min 30 s

Czech Horizon Awards

The Best Czech Creation - Czech Television Award

  • Tony, Shelly and the Magic Light / Filip Pošivač / Czech Republic / 2023 / 82 min

2nd place: Electra / Daria Kashcheeva
3rd place: Veggierado / Jan Bubeníček

The Best Czech Short and Feature Film - PPF Foundation Award

  • Tony, Shelly and the Magic Light / Filip Pošivač / Czech Republic / 2023 / 82 min

2nd place: About a Cow / Pavla Baštanová
3rd place: Earth Episodes / Jan Míka

The Best Czech Student Film

  • Electra / Daria Kashcheeva / Czech Republic / 2024 / 27 min

2nd place: Humanity / Tereza Kovandová
3rd place: Marie / Jan B. Piskač

The Best Czech Series

  • Veggierado / Jan Bubeníček / Czech Republic / 2023 / 4 min

2nd place: The Impact – ep. 4 / Ondřej Tešnar, Olga Šarovská
3rd place: All That the Weather Can Do – Rain / Maria Procházková

The Best Czech Music Video

  • Prezident Lourajder: Lunapark / Matej Mihályi / Czech Republic / 2023 / 4 min

2nd place: Arkae: Tot Alles Is Opgelicht / Ondřej Nedvěd, Vojta Komárek
3rd place: Rozálie: Láva / Kristina Dufková

The Best Czech Commissioned Work

  • The Rapid Arrows Celebrates 85 Years / Marek Berger / Czech Republic / 2023 / 1 min

2nd place: Erasmus: It Has Never Been Easier / Michaela Režová, studio Panika
3rd place: LUSTR 10 / Thanh Mai Tranová, Jáchym Štulíř, Patrik Trska, Alžběta Zemanová, Matej Mihályi