39 Weeks, 6 Days (39 týždňov, 6 dní)
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39 týždňov, 6 dní

  • No Dialogue
  • Slovakia
  • 8 min

Short experimental animated film by Joanna Kozuch and Boris Šima: In the beginning there was nothing. At the end we gave birth to our daughter Mila.

39 weeks, 6 days is an artistic experiment, animated diary and personal documentary showing animated self-portraits of woman and man, married couple and co-authors during 40 weeks of the gravidity. Each of the directors/husbands perceived this period in different and very unique way. This Trinitarian phase of their life remains in existence thru associative memorials of emotions and collage of imaginative film scenes combined with surrealistic projections in film 39 weeks, 6 days.

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