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The Roundup: Punishment

범죄도시4 | Beom-Joe-do-si 4
by Heo Myeong-haeng
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While investigating a drug-trafficking app, “Monster Cop” Ma Seok-do and his team discover a connection between the app’s developer, who was murdered in the Philippines, and an illegal online gambling organisation. Meanwhile, in the Philippines, Baek Chang-gi is controlling the Korean online illegal gambling market and spreading terror with kidnap, assault and murder. His partner, the IT genius Chang Dong-cheol, is planning an even larger scheme in Korea itself. To put an end to the escalating threat, Detective Ma expands his operation by proposing an unexpected alliance… The fourth instalment in the Roundup series.

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Top cast

Don Lee
Ma Seok-do
Kim Moo-yul
Baek Chang-gi
Park Ji-hwan
Jang Isu
Lee Dong-hwi
Chang Dong-cheol
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