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Mé el Aïn/ماء العين
by Meryam Joobeur
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Aïcha is gifted with prophetic dreams. She lives on a farm in northern Tunisia with her husband Brahim and their three sons. Aïcha and Brahim’s world is turned upside down when their two eldest boys, Mehdi and Amine, go off to war. Having lived up to this point solely for their children, the parents now find themselves in a new and painful reality. A few months later, Mehdi returns home with a pregnant wife named Reem whose niqab and silence deeply unsettle Brahim. Aïcha, on the other hand, welcomes Mehdi and Reem into the family home and vows to protect them at all costs. Mehdi’s return triggers strange events in the village. Aïcha is so consumed with protecting her son that, at first, she barely notices the rising fear in the community. She must face the limits of her maternal love to counteract the growing darkness.

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