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by Francesca Manieri and 4 others

Rocco Siffredi is considered to be the most famous porn star in the world. Born Rocco Tano in Ortona, Italy, he grows up in humble circumstances. His role models are his eldest brother Tommaso, who is dating the most desirable girl in town, and Supersex, a very particular superhero in a pornographic comic. When, in an incredible twist of fate, Rocco meets Supersex, he discovers that the two share the same superpower. This can save him from the difficult circumstances of his life, but it also forces him to pay the highest price: to give up love forever, or so it seems. The series depicts a life in the porn industry. It is about sex and passion but also about death. The story examines how masculinity is constructed and which questions of desire and power still dominate the relationship between men and women today.

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