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wUF wUUF we are Dogs

Мальчик Ося и дядя Коля
by Sofiia Nikitina, Vitalii Ushakov
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Mangy dogs band together into packs, mark their territory, and recarve someone else’s paths to fit their paws – and old grouch Kolya hates them for it. So he decides to build a Fog Machine that will envelop all the land in white and make the dogs lose each other in the whiteness. An obedient boy called Osya is helping him with his plan.
When the machine is almost ready, the dogs attack Kolya, and while he is lying on the ground half-dead, they show Osya their wondrous world. The boy decides to help the dogs save their land from the fog, but neither his desire nor his effort is enough. Kolka gets the upper hand, and the dogs’ land disappears into the fog forever.

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