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Tunable Mimoid 

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  • Australia
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In this experiment, we used a mimoid sample from Solaris’ ocean and measured its reaction to several types of non-ionizing and ionizing radiation.

This video demonstrates the most recent research achievements of the Centre for Mimoid Studies (CMS), a group from the Giesean Institute of Solaristics. According to their recently published paper, the scientists have discovered that tissue of the extraterrestrial organism (mimoid) regenerates after being exposed to the harmful effects of both ionising and non-ionising radiation. For the experiment, mimoid samples were cryogenically transported from Solaris to Earth. In a noninvasive live-cell imaging solution, the mimoid’s tissue was bombarded with the real-time customizable metamaterials and exposed to the time-varying electromagnetic fields. The researchers claimed that “mimoid samples not only behaved as tunable living systems, but they also exhibited self-organizing behaviour while mimicking patterns of the controlled electromagnetic fields.” This video was produced for the general public in order to promote the benefits of extraterrestrial studies on the Sustain Earth initiative. The research results have opened up new myriad pathways, options and possibilities for modern science and its recent Sisyphean efforts in saving us from the sixth mass extinction.

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