From Best Short to Best Feature: Kaboom 2024 Winners Unveiled

Image: Kaboom Festival
Image: Kaboom Festival

Short Summary:

Kaboom 2024 celebrated its winners on April 13th, honoring the best in shorts, documentaries, and features. Top awards went to 'Beautiful Men,' 'Ardent Other,' and 'Chicken for Linda!'

On April 13th, the Kaboom 2024 Film Festival concluded with a vibrant awards ceremony, recognizing a diverse range of films and filmmakers. The evening highlighted the talent and creativity that flourished within the festival’s competition.

Nicolas Keppens’ 'Beautiful Men' was honored as the Best Short Film, distinguishing itself with its unique artistic vision. The festival also celebrated the emerging talent of student filmmakers, awarding 'Fox Tossing' by Zéno Mira as the Best Student Short.

In the documentary category, Alice Brygo's 'Ardent Other' clinched the Best Documentary award, praised for its insightful storytelling and compelling subject matter. The local Dutch film scene was well represented with Nienke Deutz’s 'The Miracle' and Niek de Leeuw’s 'Melk' receiving accolades for Best Dutch Short and Best Dutch Student Film, respectively.

The innovative 'Flow' by Adriaan Lokman was awarded Best VR, showcasing the festival's commitment to new media and technological advancements in filmmaking. 'Our Love Is Immortal' directed by Ender Yildizhan was honored with the Jamie Bolio Award, noted for its profound narrative and emotional depth.

Audience participation was significant, with several audience awards reflecting public favorites. 'Vivarium' by Daan Lucas won for Best Short, 'Our Pain' by Shunsaku Hayashi for Best Experimental Short, and 'All the Best' by Pablo Roldan for Best Commissioned Short. For younger viewers, 'Go Away, Alfred!' directed by Célia Tisserant and Arnaud Demuynck was chosen as the Best Children's Film.

The festival's feature films were not left behind, with 'Chicken for Linda!' by Chiara Malta and Sebastien Laudenbach taking home the Audience Award for Best Feature. Lastly, the Nancy Award was bestowed upon 'Heaven Blue #2' by Paul de Nooijer and Menno de Nooijer, closing the night on a high note.

As the curtain falls on Kaboom 2024, the anticipation for next year's submissions is already building. This year’s winners have set a high bar, promising another exciting festival in 2025.

List of Awarded Films:

  • Best Short: Beautiful Men / Nicolas Keppens
  • Best Student Short: Fox Tossing / Zéno Mira
  • Best Documentary: Ardent Other / Alice Brygo
  • Best Dutch Short: The Miracle / Nienke Deutz
  • Best Dutch Student: Melk / Niek de Leeuw
  • Best VR: Flow / Adriaan Lokman
  • Jamie Bolio Award: Our Love Is Immortal / Ender Yildizhan
  • Audience Award for Best Short: Vivarium / Daan Lucas
  • Audience Award for Best Experimental Short: Our Pain / Shunsaku Hayashi
  • Audience Award for Best Commissioned Short: All the Best / Pablo Roldan
  • Audience Award for Best Children’s Film: Go Away, Alfred! / Célia Tisserant, Arnaud Demuynck
  • Audience Award for Best Feature: Chicken for Linda! / Chiara Malta, Sebastien Laudenbach
  • Nancy Award: Heaven Blue #2 / Paul de Nooijer, Menno de Nooijer