Emmanuelle Béart and Baloji to Lead Caméra d’or Jury at Cannes Film Festival

Short Summary:

French actress Emmanuelle Béart and Belgian-Congolese director Baloji will co-preside over the Caméra d’or Jury at the 77th Festival de Cannes, recognizing the best first feature film from the festival’s diverse showcases.

The 77th Festival de Cannes brings together an intriguing pair to chair the prestigious Caméra d’or Jury. French actress Emmanuelle Béart, celebrated for her roles in global cinema, will join forces with Baloji, a visionary director and songwriter known for his work in Belgium and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

This year's Caméra d'or Jury, led by Béart and Baloji, will select the best first feature film from either the festival's Official Selection, Semaine de la Critique, or Directors’ Fortnight. This award, first established in 1978, aims to spotlight and advance the careers of promising filmmakers on an international stage.

Emmanuelle Béart brings a rich history of cinematic excellence and a deep commitment to humanitarian issues. Her co-chair, Baloji, is notable for his aesthetic approach to cinema, as seen in his debut feature "Omen," which won the New Voice Prize at last year’s Un Certain Regard.

Both chairs expressed their enthusiasm for the task ahead. Baloji highlighted the honor of witnessing the fresh perspectives of first-time directors. Béart, reflecting on the essence of debut films, emphasized the profound personal exploration they represent.

Previous co-chairs of the Caméra d’or Jury include prominent figures such as Françoise Fabian and Daniel Schmid in 1996, Marthe Keller and Géraldine Chaplin in 2002, and the Dardenne brothers in 2006.

The jury this year also features diverse voices from the industry, including Gilles Porte, a director of photography, Pascal Buron from TSF, Zoé Wittock, a screenwriter and director, and Nathalie Chifflet, a cinema editor and treasurer of the SFCC.

The award has historically been a launching pad for renowned directors like Jim Jarmusch and Jafar Panahi, underscoring its significance in the landscape of international cinema. The films in contention for this year’s Caméra d’or can be found in the festival's Official Selection, Semaine de la Critique, and Directors’ Fortnight.