Fredrikstad Animation Festival 2024 Opens Submissions for Nordic-Baltic and New International Competitions

Short Summary:

Fredrikstad Animation Festival, the leading event for animated film in the Nordic region, announces its call for entries for the 2024 competitions. Categories include Short Film, Student Film, Commissioned Film, and Feature Film for the Nordic-Baltic competition, plus a new International Short Film Competition. Submission deadlines are 17 June for short films and 1 August for feature films.

The Fredrikstad Animation Festival, renowned as the premier platform for animated film in the Nordic region, is now accepting submissions for its 2024 competition programs. This year, the festival introduces an exciting opportunity for animators worldwide with the addition of a new International Short Film Competition to its established Nordic-Baltic Competition.

Animators are encouraged to submit their work across several categories:

  • Nordic-Baltic Competition:
    • Short Film
    • Student Film
    • Commissioned Film
    • Feature Film

The addition of the International Short Film Competition marks a significant expansion of the festival's scope, offering a broader platform for animators to showcase their talents on an international stage.

Submission deadlines are set for 17 June for all short film categories, including student, commissioned, and international shorts, with an extended deadline of 1 August for feature films. These dates offer filmmakers ample time to prepare their submissions and vie for a spot in one of the most anticipated animation events of the year.

The Fredrikstad Animation Festival 2024 promises to be a celebration of innovation, creativity, and the boundless possibilities of animation. By introducing the International Short Film Competition, the festival not only honors its tradition of showcasing the best in Nordic-Baltic animation but also embraces the global animation community, inviting creators from around the world to share their vision and compete on this prestigious platform. As the festival gears up for another spectacular edition this October, the animation community awaits with anticipation the remarkable talent and storytelling that will grace the screen.