From War Stories to Digital Realms: CPH:INDUSTRY 2024 Winners Announced

Short Summary:

CPH:INDUSTRY 2024 awarded seven prizes to exceptional film and immersive non-fiction projects. Highlights include the Eurimages New Lab Outreach Award to "TIMESTAMP" and the Innovation Award to "GARDEN ALCHEMY". The UniFrance Doc Award was given to "PODIUM (YOU HAVE THREE MINUTES)", and "CHILDREN OF HONEY" received the Rise and Shine Award, among other distinguished winners.

The CPH:INDUSTRY 2024 has concluded, announcing the winners of its awards designed to recognize innovative and experimental film and immersive non-fiction projects. This year's event saw seven awards distributed across various categories, celebrating projects at different stages of production.

The Eurimages New Lab Outreach Award was presented to "TIMESTAMP" by Kateryna Gornostai, a film produced by Olha Beskhmelnytsina and Natalia Libet (2Brave Productions / Rinkel Film & Docs, UA & NL). The project, showcased at CPH:FORUM 2024, received a €30,000 prize for its portrayal of teachers maintaining normalcy for children in a war-torn country, showcasing a unique narrative structure and perspective crafted by an all-women Ukrainian filmmaking team.

GARDEN ALCHEMY by Michelle and Uri Kranot, produced by Peter Fisher (DK), clinched the Eurimages New Lab Innovation Award, valued at €20,000. This CPH:LAB project was praised for its combination of hand-drawn visuals and immersive technology, offering a multi-sensory experience that appeals to all ages with its innovative and intuitive user-led experience.

The UniFrance Doc Award was awarded to "PODIUM (YOU HAVE THREE MINUTES)" by Rachel Leah Jones and Philippe Bellaïche, co-produced across Israel, Canada, France, and Switzerland. This documentary was recognized for its insightful exploration of democratic power dynamics, receiving €5390 in post-production support and a one-year Unifrance membership.

"CHILDREN OF HONEY" by Jigar Ganatra, a project produced by Natalie Humphreys (Storyboard Studios / TZ & UK), received the Rise and Shine Award for its international potential. This documentary offers an intimate look into a culture at risk of disappearing, presented through the eyes of the next generation, and received a €3000 cash prize.

Additional awards were presented at the CPH:LAB Prototype Event, including the Onassis ONX Studio Award to "HERMAPHROGENESIS" by Marcin Gawin (UK & PL) for immersive XR works; the Sunny Side of the Doc Award to "FOLLOW THE CARNATION" by Lui Avallos & Catarina de Sousa, Isadora Neves Marques & Rodrigo Moreira (PT & BR) for innovative digital storytelling; and the Newimages – Forum Des Images Award to "THE BALD ALTUUS" by Kat Mustatea & Peter Burr (US & RO) for immersive artworks.

This year's CPH:INDUSTRY awards underscore the event's commitment to supporting and promoting innovative and impactful storytelling across film and immersive media.