MIAF 2024 Unveils Exciting Program: More Sessions, Films, and Animation Magic

Short Summary:

The Melbourne International Animation Festival (MIAF) 2024, scheduled for 5-12 May, will showcase over 140 animations from around the world at Treasury Theatre and The Backlot Studios, Melbourne. Expanding to 29 sessions, the festival offers a diverse program including international competitions, special themed screenings, and filmmaker meetups. Ticket sales start later this month, with a range of options available.

The Melbourne International Animation Festival (MIAF) returns in 2024 with an extensive lineup of global animation artistry. Scheduled from 5 to 12 May, the festival is set to take place at the Treasury Theatre and The Backlot Studios in Melbourne, Australia.

This year, MIAF expands its program to 29 sessions, an increase of nearly 50%, showcasing over 140 works curated from 2,000 submissions. This diverse selection includes contemporary and retrospective animations by both emerging and established talents from Australia and across the globe.

Ticket options for the festival vary, with individual tickets priced at $19 for full admission and $16 for concession. The Festival Pass, offering access to all events, is available for $125 full and $100 concession, highlighting the festival's commitment to making animation accessible to a wide audience.

The festival kicks off with the Australian Student Showcase and the Australian Showcase on 5 May at the Treasury Theatre. Other notable sessions include “Meet The Filmmaker” events, international competition programs, and themed showcases such as the Abstract Showcase and the Black & White Showcase. Special programs include a tribute to Bill Plympton, a pioneer of independent animation, and discussions on animation in the era of artificial intelligence.

Venues play a significant role in the festival experience. The Treasury Theatre, known for its large screen and comfortable seating, will host the opening and closing weekends. During the week, The Backlot Studios in South Melbourne will offer a more intimate setting, albeit with limited seating and accessibility.

Themed competitions feature films like “Eternal Casket” by Beta Hsu, Yun Chu, Sofya Antonova, and Thore Flynn Hadre, and “Guilty Pleasure” by Michal Orzechowski, among others. These competitions underscore MIAF’s mission to celebrate the diversity and creativity of animation.

The Melbourne International Animation Festival not only provides a platform for showcasing exceptional animated works but also facilitates conversations between filmmakers and audiences, contributing to the vibrant culture of animation.