Annecy and Cannes Join Forces for Annual Animation Day on May 19

Short Summary:

Annecy Festival and Cannes Marché du Film collaborate for the 2024 Animation Day in Cannes, France, featuring screenings, discussions, and networking. The event on May 19 includes five works in progress and a panel with European animation experts.

On May 19, 2024, the Cannes Marché du Film will once again collaborate with the Annecy Festival to host the esteemed Animation Day, a pivotal event for the global animation film community. This gathering in Cannes, France, is set to highlight significant upcoming projects in the animation industry and foster discussions on potential European co-productions.

The day will commence at 10:00 am with the Annecy Animation Showcase, presenting five animated features currently in production. These include "Conference of the Birds" by Atiq Rahimi and Caroline Piochon, "In Waves" by Phuong Mai Nguyen, "The Language of Birds" by Cynthia Fernández Trejo, "A New Dawn" by Yoshitoshi Shinomiya, and "MU-KI-RA" by Estefanía Piñeres. These presentations will provide unique insights into the creative processes behind each film and are aimed at attracting investments from distributors, investors, and sales agents.

A panel discussion scheduled from 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm will feature animation experts like Dominique Hansen, Virginie Nouvelle, and Lucía Recalde. Moderated by journalist Perrine Quennesson, the panel will delve into the nuances of the animation genre and explore its potential for fostering European co-production efforts.

The event will conclude with a cocktail reception, offering a valuable networking opportunity for animation producers and enthusiasts to engage informally and discuss collaborations and trends in the industry.

This comprehensive showcase and discussion platform underscore the collaborative spirit between Annecy and Cannes, reinforcing their commitment to nurturing and promoting excellence within the global animation sector.