Hubert Bals Fund Allocates €600,000 to Emerging Filmmakers Across Global Cinema

Short Summary:

The Hubert Bals Fund (HBF) has awarded €60,000 each to ten new film projects across Singapore, Turkey, Lebanon, Chile, Tunisia, Mexico, and Argentina, focusing on supporting emerging filmmakers in their first or second features. This initiative is part of HBF+Europe, aimed at fostering multicultural cooperation and artistic diversity in cinema.

The Hubert Bals Fund (HBF), renowned for its commitment to nurturing global cinema, has announced its latest beneficiaries under the HBF+Europe schemes, with ten innovative film projects each receiving €60,000. This funding initiative, supported by the Creative Europe – MEDIA programme of the European Union, emphasizes the fund's dedication to emerging filmmakers, with a focus on those at the helm of their first or second feature film.

Tamara Tatishvili, the Head of HBF, expressed pride in the fund’s role in these diverse projects, stating, "All the projects in this selection demonstrate an impressive range of artistic approaches, and each calls for the need to make our world a better place through the lens of multicultural cooperation."

Among the projects awarded, eight are set for co-production and two for post-production. Noteworthy is the selection's geographical diversity, with projects originating from countries including Singapore, Turkey, Lebanon, Chile, Tunisia, Mexico, and Argentina. Each project explores potent themes such as migration, cross-cultural exchanges, and social issues, reflecting the fund's preference for socially relevant and impactful cinema.

One of the standout projects is "Love Conquers All" by Lebanese director Danielle Arbid, a poignant narrative set in Beirut that delves into an unconventional love story between a young undocumented Sudanese migrant and an older local woman, portrayed by actress Hiam Abbas. Another notable project, "As Shadows Fade" by Turkish filmmaker Burcu Aykar, is a multilayered narrative exploring queer issues and women’s liberation during the 1990s in Turkey, co-produced with Amsterdam’s Isabella Films.

From Latin America, "El mundo es nuestro" by Argentinian filmmaker Francisco Márquez combines historical echoes with contemporary struggles, set against the backdrop of the 19th-century Paraguay War. This project, along with Sofia Petersen's debut feature "Olivia," highlights the fund’s support for artistically ambitious works from the region.

The fund also recognized past recipients, such as Payal Kapadia, whose film "All We Imagine as Light" is set to premiere at the Cannes Film Festival. This acknowledgment underscores the continued success and influence of HBF-supported projects on the international festival circuit.

The latest round of funding from the HBF+Europe schemes not only underscores the fund's ongoing support for innovative filmmaking but also highlights its role in promoting international collaboration and cultural understanding through cinema.