CPH:DOX 2024 Unveils Extensive Film Lineup Featuring Global Premieres and New Human Rights Award

Short Summary:

CPH:DOX 2024, running from March 13-24, features over 200 films with a focus on pressing global issues. The festival introduces a new Human Rights Award among its six competition categories and highlights films on geopolitics, body politics, and the Israel-Palestine conflict. Notable attendees include Peter Doherty, Peaches, Alex Gibney, and James Marsh.

The CPH:DOX film festival, taking place in Copenhagen from March 13 to 24, 2024, has announced its program, showcasing over 200 films from around the globe. This year's lineup includes 84 world premieres, 32 international premieres, and 9 European premieres, emphasizing the festival's commitment to presenting diverse filmmaker perspectives.

In a significant expansion, CPH:DOX will adopt a nation-wide festival approach, allowing audiences across 42 Danish municipalities to experience the film program. The festival's new thematic sections will explore urgent topics like geopolitics and body politics, reflecting on the current conflict-filled reality.

Among the world premieres are documentaries on subjects such as Apollo 13, gender issues, and the situation in Gaza. The international premieres feature acclaimed films from Sundance, including ‘Eno’, ‘Gaucho Gaucho’, ‘Frida’, and ‘Look into My Eyes’. The festival will also welcome stars like musicians Peter Doherty and Peaches, and filmmakers Alex Gibney and James Marsh.

This edition introduces the HUMAN:RIGHTS AWARD, expanding its competition categories to six. The festival emphasizes the importance of art in fostering dialogue and reflection, a sentiment echoed by Artistic Director Niklas Engstrøm.

The Israel-Palestine conflict is a focal point, with seven films, including three world premieres, exploring the issue. Among them, ‘I Shall Not Hate’ features Palestinian author and doctor Izzeldin Abuelaish's quest for peace.

The ‘Conflicted’ theme addresses global territorial disputes, while the ‘Body Politics’ theme explores societal views on the body, with events and exhibitions planned around this topic.

Notable films and guests include ‘Peter Doherty: Stranger in My Own Skin’ with Doherty himself and ‘Teaches of Peaches’ about Peaches. The festival will also screen films from Sundance and host a range of award-winning directors.

Special exhibitions at Kunsthal Charlottenborg include Thao Nguyen Phan's ‘Reincarnations of Shadows’ and the INTER:ACTIVE exhibition, which explores the intersection of creativity and technology.

CPH:DOX 2024 promises to be a comprehensive platform for dialogue, reflection, and exploration of contemporary issues through the lens of documentary film.