Ottawa International Animation Festival 2024 Unveils Esteemed Jury

Short Summary:

The Ottawa International Animation Festival (OIAF) 2024, hosted in Canada's capital, proudly announces its jury, featuring experts like Neil Hunter, Dahee Jeong, and Jonathan Djob Nkondo. The festival invites Canadian creators to participate in the Pitch THIS! contest, with submissions due by June 17, 2024.

This year's Ottawa International Animation Festival (OIAF), set for September 25-29, 2024, has officially announced its jury, promising an impressive lineup of global animation experts set to evaluate this year’s entries.

The Shorts Jury is comprised of Jonathan Djob Nkondo, a French filmmaker known for his poetic visual style; Anastasiya Verlinska, director of the LINOLEUM Animation Festival in Ukraine; and Ivana Volda, a notable Croatian animator recognized for her work in puppet films. They bring a rich diversity of experience and aesthetic perspectives to the panel.

On the Features Jury, Neil Hunter, a veteran animator and professor at Algonquin College in Canada, joins the ranks. His extensive career includes work on beloved series such as The Racoons and The Owl House. Alongside him is Dahee Jeong, a South Korean filmmaker celebrated for her debut film Man on the Chair, which garnered international acclaim including a Cristal for Best Short Film at the Annecy International Animation Film Festival. Rounding out the group is Thomas Volda, known for his multidisciplinary approach to animation and performance art.

In addition to the jury announcement, the festival highlights its Pitch THIS! competition, a significant opportunity for Canadian animators to launch their projects. The contest promises a grand prize including $5,000 cash, a Toon Boom Harmony annual license, and additional professional support, with the application deadline set for June 17, 2024.

The Animation Conference (TAC), also part of OIAF, is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year. Scheduled from September 25 to 27 at the National Arts Centre, TAC aims to foster networking and trade among animation professionals from North America and beyond.

This year's festival not only showcases competitive film screenings but also offers workshops and opportunities for attendees to engage deeply with the global animation community. As the leading animation event in North America since 1976, OIAF continues to be a pivotal platform for both established and emerging talents in the animation industry.