Submissions Open for CPH:DOX 2025, Denmark’s Leading Documentary Festival

Short Summary:

CPH:DOX, Denmark's premier documentary film festival, is now accepting submissions for its 2025 edition, taking place from March 19-30. Filmmakers globally are encouraged to submit their documentaries and projects for the CPH:LAB talent development program by June 22. The festival seeks innovative and boundary-pushing films that offer fresh perspectives on contemporary issues.

CPH:DOX, one of the leading documentary film festivals globally, has officially opened for submissions for its 2025 edition. This prestigious event, held annually in Copenhagen, Denmark, is set to take place from March 19 to March 30, 2025.

Filmmakers and creators from around the world are invited to submit their works to be considered for the festival’s program. Additionally, CPH:LAB, the festival’s talent development program, is now accepting project submissions until June 22. This initiative aims to support creative and experimental projects that challenge conventional storytelling methods.

CPH:LAB offers a unique platform for innovative voices, providing participants with the opportunity to develop their ideas in a supportive and collaborative environment. Selected projects will benefit from the guidance of experienced mentors, fostering the growth of groundbreaking documentary filmmaking.

Renowned for its celebration of innovative and thought-provoking documentaries, CPH:DOX is seeking entries that push the boundaries of storytelling and offer fresh perspectives on contemporary issues. The festival’s open submission policy ensures a diverse and global showcase of talent, making it a significant event in the documentary film circuit.

"CPH:DOX has always been a space where creativity and innovation thrive," said the festival director. "We are excited to see the new wave of documentaries and experimental projects that filmmakers from around the world will bring to the 2025 edition."

The 2025 edition of CPH:DOX promises to be an exciting platform for filmmakers to present their work to a global audience. The festival continues to play a crucial role in the documentary film community, highlighting issues and stories that resonate with contemporary audiences.