Blue-white silence

Бело-синее безмолвие
by Vadim Oborvalov

The film is a fantasy. The scenario has an analogue in the myth of Orpheus and Eurydice, turned inside out. The difference is that the deceased hero comes from the Kingdom of the shadows of Oz. The hero of the film gets the opportunity to visit his wife in the world of the living in order to finally say goodbye to her, going into oblivion. The script is written on behalf of the author, who allegedly accompanies the hero on his journey into the world of the living.
Immersion in the plot is facilitated by the music of the wonderful Finnish neo–romantic composer Jan Sibelius, which keeps the atmosphere of the unreal existence of the film’s characters within the boundaries of reality.

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Screenings and awards

Insomnia International Animation Film Festival
Russian Federation
3rd place in nomination "Debutoria"
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